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Join us this weekend and experience great people, an encouraging message, and a Latte' on us!
RCCM is both young and old, married and single, parents and children, people from all walks of life and different languages, having one thing in common: a desire to know God and share the message of hope with other people...people like you!

RCCM is a Christ-centered, non-denominational, multi-cultural, metropolitan church that addresses every need for every member of your family.  

New to RCCM? here are answers to some questions you may have:

Where is RCCM?
RCCM is located at 3177 Lyell Rd. in Gates, New York, just minutes from metro Rochester.
For a map and driving directions to RCCM, click here

What time are your weekend services?
RCCM has two Sunday AM services. The Early Service begins at 9:30am and runs to about 10:30am, and the Main Service begins at 11am, and ends around 12:45pm.

What should I expect at RCCM, what should I wear?
RCCM is always a comfortable and casual environment, that cares about you and your family, not what you are wearing.
Our weekend meetings usually begin with upbeat, contemporary music followed by a practical message. We often have skits, videos, and musical solos during a service as well.

What programs do you have for my kids?
RCCM has a great children's programs throughout the week. Your children will be taught biblical principles using creative and interactive methods.
During Sunday AM services, we have a great Children's Church program for all children ages 5-12.
For teens, we have The Teens Club Wednesdays at 7pm and usually have a teen event Friday evenings. Also on Wednesdays evenings, we have programs for boys and girls ages 5-12.
For infants, we have a newly remodeled nursery with gentle music and a caring staff.
From infants to teenagers, our first priority is to provide a safe and caring environment for your children.

How do I get my free latte'?
As a first time visitor of RCCM, you will be given a welcome packet. Inside the packet you will find a coupon for a complimentary beverage at the Tree of Life Cafe located in the RCCM lobby. If for some reason you do not receive a packet, simply request one at the cafe'.

How can I learn more about RCCM?
One of the very best ways to learn about RCCM is to watch the "Remember" films. These films chronicle the highlights "of the year gone by" at RCCM. Click here to visit the Remember page. Another way to learn more about RCCM is to visit the events page, which is loaded with information about RCCM's annual events.


RCCM is a church of small groups

In addition to our great weekend services, RCCM is proud to have home groups all across the greater Rochester area. These groups, which are facilitated by RCCM members in their homes, give opportunity for people to connect with others and grow both spiritually and relationally.

Each group meets weekly, and there are different groups every night of the week, for more information see our events page or call 585.247.4444.
Click here to see The Small Group Report - short comedic videos about the small group experience



RCCM is home to the World Ministry Conference. Every year in the month of April, hundreds of senior pastors and leaders from all around the world are invited to RCCM, expense free, for this 5-day, life-changing event.

The World Ministry Conference began in 2001 after Pastor Stephen Galvano received a God-inspired vision saying "invite these servants of God to your home". Since 2001 the conference has been flourishing. In any given year, 200 senior pastors from as many as 30 nations have attended.

The World Ministry Conference is an incredible and one-of-a-kind event that has touched countless cities and nations all around the world. For much more information and to see video and photos visit the World Ministry Conference website


Pastor Stephen Galvano regularly travels overseas where he and his team host large evangelistic crusades and pastor's seminars. Although he has always traveled, many of the recent invitations have come as a result of the World Ministry Conference. In recent years, Pastor Galvano and the Stephen Galvano Worldwide (SGWW) team have traveled to Zambia, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Pakistan, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and Sicily. For much more information and to see video from these trips visit the Stephen Galvano Worldwide website.


RCCM has become widely known for the videos and films it produces. Colors Studios is a film and record production studio that is located totally within RCCM. Colors primarily produces feature length documentaries of SGWW trips overseas, and it also produces RCCM and WMC promotional films. For more information visit the Colors Studios website. To see the films online, visit the Colors Gallery.


One of RCCM's newest and most exciting ministries is the RCCM Transformation Center. The RCCM Transformation Center is located in the heart of the city of Rochester in one of its most challenged neighborhoods. RCCM is making a difference in that community by practicing our slogan "Giving Hope, Building Dreams, Sharing Jesus". On a regular basis, the RCCM Transformation Center hosts the Day of Care. During the Day of Care the RCCM Transformation Center staff together with its community partners offer lunches and dinners, haircuts, medical and dental examinations, AIDS testing, and counseling all free of charge to the homeless and to those in need in the community.

RCCM is the home to the Garden of Prayer, a twenty-four hour prayer center; Rochester Christian Day Care; and the Tree of Life Cafe.  Future projects include: the RCCM Annex which will house a family fitness center, a theater, and RCCM expansion facilities; and The Lighthouse Center for the Performing Arts, a dedicated arts facility which will house performing arts stages, an art gallery, and a cafe.

For more information about RCCM and its ministries, please visit the RCCM Ministries webpage.

was founded in 1970 through the God-inspired vision of Stephen Galvano.

RCCM is a full-gospel church. Our goal is to be an interdenominational fellowship that practices authentic Christianity while maximizing the potential of our members. We strive to celebrate Christianity with innovative creativity in a contemporary, yet not compromising environment.


RCCM is a purpose-driven fellowship.

You were planned for God’s pleasure
You were formed for God’s family
You were created to become like Christ
You were shaped for serving God
You were made for a mission


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RCCM: What we believe



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