Pastor Stephen Galvano
Stephen Galvano Worldwide. Sharing the love of Jesus worldwide.

Pastor Galvano has served as the senior pastor of RCCM since 1970. He has raised up and sent out many in the work of ministry with plantings in Argentina, China, Zambia, Kenya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, India, Italy, Congo, and the United States. 

Being an established Apostle of God, Pastor Galvano continues the travel around the world speaking to Pastors and leaders preparing them for the great revival to come.

Pastor Carl Gause

Pastor Carl Gause is a highly esteemed man of God and a revered figure in the faith. The Gaise family has been closely affiliated with RCCM since the 1980s, when several members of the current generation attended RCCM's Rochester Christian Academy. We are delighted to persist in our shared commitment to serving the community alongside Pastor Gause.

Pastor Libero Serluca

Pastor Libero Serluca dedicated numerous years to serving at our sister ministry, Nouva Pentecoste, in Naples, Italy. In 2020, Pastor Serluca, along with his family, relocated to become an active part of RCCM International. 


Pastor Bruce Gause

Pastor Bruce Gause received his ordination in ministry from RCCM in 2021. He actively serves in the music department at RCCM and contributes to various other areas within the church community.

Gwen Gause

Our cherished "first-lady"! She brings warmth and sweetness to our church family. Gwen's passion for music shines through as she actively contributes to our music ministry with talent and enthusiasm. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in leading our children's ministries, where her care, creativity, and dedication nurture our youngest members.

Steven P. Galvano

Steven P. Galvano has been a dedicated spiritual leader within the RCCM community, serving as an Elder since 2010. In addition to this role, Steven takes on various responsibilities, notably as the Director of RCCM's Media Ministry. Furthermore, he currently leads the RCCM Youth Ministry, showcasing his multifaceted commitment to the spiritual growth and well-being of the RCCM body.

Flora DiBiase

Flora has been Director of the RCCM Nursery since 2020. She is a true mother at heart and shows such genuine love to the infants of RCCM. Flora is a treasured part of the RCCM Community and we are sure that RCCM moms would agree! 

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas has been an active part of the RCCM movement since 1989. He is recognized for his outstanding reputation, commitment to prayer, and strong faith. Consequently, the RCCM Pastoral Team and congregation have appointed him as a Spiritual Elder of the church. Michael Douglas also serves on the worship team. 

Sean Fallon

Sean Fallon has been with RCCM since 2012.  He was married at RCCM at 2014, and now has three beautiful children. Over the years, he has held various roles at RCCM. Sean serves as the RCCM Maintenance Director. He also serves as the RCCM Royal Ranger leader and as the lead usher. In 2020, he was elected to serve as a Trustee.

Holdon Weekly

Holdon Weekly has been at RCCM since 2009, joining when he was just a teenager. He quickly became one of our student youth leaders and then a part of the RCCM worship team.  In 2020, he became the Director of the RCCM Worship team and also a spiritual leader of RCCM with the title of Deacon. 

Chad Glende

The Glende family has been at RCCM since 2010. Like many families throughout the years, the Glendes were first introduced to RCCM through the Rochester Christian Daycare. Due to his evident devotion to Christ, Chad was appointed as a Deacon in 2020 and assumed the role of RCCM Office Manager in 2022.

Kelly Robinson

Since joining RCCM in 2014, Kelly has been an invaluable asset to the RCCM community. Throughout the years, she has seamlessly transitioned through various roles, demonstrating a selfless willingness to serve wherever needed. Whether assisting with new initiatives or helping with various projects, Kelly consistently steps up to the plate. Since 2018, she has been at the helm of the RCCM Missionettes department, showcasing her steadfast commitment to the young girls of RCCM.

Bernard Gause

Deacon Bernard Gause embodies a genuine heart for others and a steadfast commitment to serving the Kingdom of God at RCCM. Whether he's extending a warm welcome by picking up members and guests or actively participating in various RCCM events, Deacon Bernie consistently positions himself at the forefront, ready to serve with enthusiasm. His infectious joy is evident in the fact that he never stops smiling, bringing a radiant and uplifting spirit to all he does! 

Tim & Sharon Serluca

Timothy and Sharon Serluca faithfully serve 'behind the scenes' with a crucial task – publishing the RCCM weekend services for all to see! In addition to managing RCCM Live Streaming, they also serve as technicians during various RCCM events, including Christmas at RCCM.

Rebecca Serluca

Rebecca may be one of the favorites among the RCCM Team because she runs the Tree of Life Cafe, home to the most delicious snacks and coffee beverages in town! Rebecca along with other TOL volunteers faithfully serve during all major RCCM events as well as the weekend services.